Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peter Fallon likes the combination of the ActiveReports Designer and the power to customize

"I use ActiveReports because it allows me to combine the best of both worlds - a visual Designer coupled with the abiity to hand tune the reports to any degree using code behind, then compile the result into my app and present a professional print preview/export experience to my clients. The only way to get a more powerful reporting experience is to write pure GDI+ code.

And the same report code works on Windows Forms and ASPX systems. Fantastic."

Peter Fallon
Castle Software Australia

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Michael Hersey inherits ActiveReports, is greatly surprised and now uses it for just about everything

"I originally purchased ActiveReports because it was required for the product I was working on. However, after using it for a very short time, I found myself integrating these great tools into just about everything I touched."

"These products have the most complete feature set, the most flexibility, and they are very user friendly and developer friendly. Thanks!"

Michael Hersey
Senior Software Developer,
Sherry Labs

ActiveReports uniqueness helps Knowledge Relay's sales

"As a developer, I appreciate the flexibility of your products. As a business, we find the export formats and the end user designer to be invaluable. The uniqueness of the ActiveReports products have helped to boost our sales which is always a good thing."

Wendy Mathis
Software Engineer,
Knowledge Relay

Ericsoft switched to ActiveReports after running into licensing, performance and support issues

"We were using Crystal Reports XI as our main report engine. Due to licensing problems, Crystal Reports doesn't offer an editor. It also has a massive setup that sometimes doesn't work.

This lead us to search for an alternative, and ActiveReports did all we needed a report engine to do. ActiveReports was lightweight, fast!!! and offered a working editor for its reports. The licensing system is great.

We also received technical support both directly and indirectly (via other postings) through the support forums. This benefit was also missing in case of Crystal Reports."

Stefano Rossi

Orion Healthcare selects ActiveReports because of its features and licensing model

We chose ActiveReports due to its full feature set, friendly licensing model for web-based applications, and ease of development. Having a unified reporting platform across all of our products (both desktop and web) in a single engine was helpful, and the royalty-free deployment with cross-browser (flash) viewer support in version 6 is great!

Aaron Christian
Director of Software Development
Orion Healthcare Technology

Monday, September 20, 2010

Panatech finds ActiveReports power unmatched by other reporting tools

"We are embarking on a Web project that demands nothing less than outstanding reporting capability for both looks and functionality. And because we are a small shop of less than 5 people, we need it to be easy—and quick. 

For anyone not familiar with the internal functionality of ActiveReports in its own right, they are in for a giant, pleasant surprise! Compared to all the other report writers out there, ActiveReports just blows the doors off of them.

Having ActiveReports is like having a high-powered portable electric drill when everyone else is using a manual screwdriver.

Hands-down, ActiveReports and GrapeCity support have been a mission-critical resource and a key reason for our success in our Web venture.

Henry Fiorentini
Panatech Computer Management, Inc.

Henry Fiorentini considers GrapeCity's technical support a mission-critical resource for his business

“I would like to thank all the folks at ActiveReports and GrapeCity for their phenomenal support these past few months....The .NET and Visual Studio realm is completely new to us, making GrapeCity’s support all the more critical and impressive."

"The email-based technical support has been exceptional.  At times, they have even helped me code features that are clearly not part of supporting their product per se, but they helped me implement these in a timely, efficient, and classy manner. Hands-down, ActiveReports and GrapeCity technical support have been a mission-critical resource and a key reason for our success...”

Henry Fiorentini
Panatech Computer Management, Inc.

Warren Besore feels ActiveAnalysis is more intuitive and better integrated with Visual Studio than competing products

"I purchased the data analysis product because it has more intuitive features and better integration with Microsoft Visual Studio than competing products. Thanks to the new ActiveAnalysis 2 version with Silverlight support and the improved documentation, I plan to begin using it in several of our systems."

Warren Besore
Technical Director

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ActiveReports helps a small team to deliver a best-in-class product

"We use ActiveReports because of the ease of use and the ability to directly control the SQL for data retrieval. We also find the ActiveReports designer provides the tools to produce rich and graphically pleasing reports very quickly. In a small production shop, we have ActiveReports to be the best product on the market."

Larry Harker
IT Manager
Association of Oregon Counties

ActiveReports helps Wesley Witt manage Boy Scouts events

"I actually use ActiveReports to develop a comprehensive application for the Boy Scouts that manages large events. I would not have been able to create this application without ActiveReports. I have use ActiveReports since the 3.0 release. I have found that ActiveReports is very easy to use, preforms well for me and give me all the features that I need.

Thanks for developing such a great product."

Wesley Witt
Seattle Area Boy Scouts Organizer and Mentor
Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft


Erin Arroyo finds both Spread and ActiveReports easier to use than the competition

"We purchased the Spread controls since they were better and easier to use than the Microsoft Grid controls in .NET. We purchased the ActiveReports product because it was easier to use than Crystal Reports. We also liked the option of the end user reporting which allows the end users to customize the reports in their layout because every team in our organization likes to display their reports a little differently ."

Erin Arroyo
Senior Developer

Thursday, September 9, 2010

TallySoft uses ActiveReports, Data Dynamics Reports and ActiveAnalysis for all their reporting and BI needs

"In the previous version of our product, we used Crystal Reports and ActiveReports. Crystal was an un-stable nightmare while ActiveReports was solid and easy for our developers to design.

When moving to .Net/ASP we wanted the same stability while adding a report designer and interoperability with Microsoft RDL (if possible). After researching competitors we felt comfortable that Data Dynamics Reports was the best choice. The added ActiveAnalysis product looked good as well so we purchased both. However, we have not yet implemented ActiveAnalysis.

We are currently designing with Data Dynamics Reports and find the same consistent quality and reliability that we experienced with ActiveReports. There are some features that we would like to see (open the designer interaces more to the developers instead of the Black Box) but overall we are comfortable that we made the right choice."

John Gielarowski
TallySoft, Division of Point Of Sale Technologies, Inc.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why Robert Ripp switched to Data Dynamics Reports and Spread

"I turned to GrapeCity products when competitive offerings did not work for us. Our product is a spreadsheet based application with heavy reporting features. We tried to use Crystal Reports but its user interface was terrible and support nonexistent. The moment we switched to Data Dynamics Reports, I knew we had a winner - it was 1000% better than Crystal Reports.

Similarly, we replaced Infragistics UltraGrid tool with Spread for Windows and had a similar experience: dramatic improvement in performance, features, and coding efficiency. In both cases, we've gotten timely feedback from the support forums.

I've been very pleased with these products and look forward to continued new releases."

Robert Ripp
Chief Executive Officer
Fintelligent, LLC
Full Case Study.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Philippe Jolidon combines the best of ActiveReports and Spread in their .NET applications

"We have have purchased ActiveReports and Spread for Windows Form.

ActiveReports was integrated into our first .NET application. ActiveReports was the product we found on forums that offered the best quality/price factor and is convenient for delivering high quality embedded documents for our Pharma customers. We still enjoy using ActiveReports!

We have been using Spread from the time we developed our software using C++ and as soon we migrated our products migrated to .NET, we started using Spread for Windows Forms. Spread delivers a unique grid layout for our software solutions and lets us add user interface components to the grid layout."

Philippe Jolidon
Software Engineer R&D
JAG Jakob AG Prozesstechnik